Lutheran Seminary Program in the Southwest offers a Certificate in Hispanic Ministry. This certificate is earned by the completion of eight courses, taught in an intensive format, normally at the Austin, Texas extension site. Instruction for these certificate courses is offered four times per year in either English or Spanish. The certificate is designed both for lay leaders and pastors, all those desiring to improve their skills for engaging in Hispanic Ministry.

Certificate in Hispanic Ministry Course Requirements:

  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • Lutheran Confessions I
  • History of Christian Thought I
  • History of Christian Thought II
  • Contextual Ecclesiology
  • Pastoral Arts I
  • Ethics

Certificate course offerings list found online or on MyWTS.

Certificate Program Tuition:
For the 2019-2020 academic year, $220 per course, plus additional fees for housing and food.

To Register: Log in to MyWTS. Further registration instructions are on the “Student” tab on MyWTS.

If you do not have a MyWTS account yet, you can request an account using the MyWTS Login Request form. You must provide all of the requested information in order for WTS to set up your account. The verification process is only needed once to create an account. Keep your MyWTS account information handy so you can use it to register for courses in the future. Email the LSPS office if you have questions about registration.

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