Information for Internship (Students, Congregations, Supervisors)

We are grateful to you for your partnership in the education of future pastors in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The purpose of internship is to provide pastoral candidates a learning environment in which they can both engage in the practice of ministry and reflect on the quality of their involvements under the direction of a supervising pastor and lay internship committee. Internship provides congregations a way to enhance and extend their ministries through the gifts of an intern. At the same time, internship brings the additional responsibility of providing honest and compassionate evaluation of an intern’s abilities.

The handbook has been prepared to guide supervisors, interns, and lay committee members through the internship year. We are indebted to other ELCA seminaries for sharing material with us in the preparation of this handbook. All material and forms may be freely copied and duplicated.

We want you to see yourselves as partners with us in providing excellent theological education for our church and its future pastors. Please call or write as questions or problems arise. We thank you for the investment of time, energy, and money you devote to Wartburg’s internship program.


Internship Report Forms: File
Basic Information Form: Part I/Part II
( to be sent out as soon as possible )
Learning Service Agreement
( in the second month of Internship )
Sermon Response Form  PDF
An Overview of the Internship Year  PDF
Three-Month Report Forms

For Intern


For Supervisor

Mid-Year Evaluation Forms
For Intern Interns Mid Year Evaluation
For Supervisor  Intern Supervisors Mid Year Evaluation
For Lay Committee  PDF
Final Evaluation Forms
For Intern  PDF
For Supervisor  PDF
For Lay Committee  PDF

Contact Us

Rev. Dr. Craig L. Nessan
Professor of Contextual Theology
(563) 589-0207

Rev. Dan Dibbert
Internship Coordinator
(608) 444-1265

Lorice Amlin
Contextual Education Secretary and Faculty Secretary
(563) 589-0325

Mailing Address:
Wartburg Theological Seminary
333 Wartburg Place
Dubuque, IA 52003