The Lutheran Seminary Program in the Southwest (LSPS) le da la bienvenida! (welcomes you!). LSPS is known for its unique cultural and linguistic accent that is her trademark in theological education. It does this through a Theological Education for Emerging Ministries Program which we call TEEM. Through this program students develop skills and sensitivity to serve the church in the midst of ambiguity, transition and diversity. They are prepared to address the changing mood and face of our country. Its particular area of emphasis includes the following: ethnic specific ministry, inner city and rural ministry, renewal of congregations in decline and innovative mission starts. All this is done by following the candidacy requirements of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) in the formation of students who are prepared and qualified to serve as valued ordained rostered leaders of the ELCA.
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    Here what students are saying about LSPS

    • I noticed two themes important in doing Hispanic ministry: listening to someone’s story, and slow is fast. A month later, I have now heard so many stories that I am not the same person I was. Each host family that I stayed with and each congregation we worshiped in has stretched me and pushed the limits of my comfort zone and challenged preconceived notions I didn’t even know I had.    

      Maggie Berndt-Dreyer, 2014 LSPS Hispanic Ministry Summer Term